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Why Your First Date is So Important to Your Relationship

Why Your First Date is So Important to Your Relationship

How strong is YOUR foundation?

If we asked, "what is the foundation of your relationship?" how do you think you'd answer? What things come to mind instantly?

When you and your partner first began your relationship, these things helped build that connection. More importantly, 5, 10, and even 20 years down the road, it will be these same things that help your relationship stand firm.

Over the next month, we will be looking at what it means to create and maintain a solid foundation for your relationship. Some of the things we talk about will be no-brainers and serve as a good reminder, and some of the topics we discuss you may have never even thought about. All of which will help you identify and strengthen your foundation as a couple!


Remember that story about the three little pigs? The first two pigs built a house out of materials that were probably much faster to put together, but ultimately it didn't matter because the wolf came and blew them all down. What was the message behind that?

The third pig, however, built their house out of brick. They probably spent days and days constructing the home, possibly while the other pigs were relaxing. But because of its strength, the wolf could not blow it down.

Let's pretend that your relationship is one of those houses. Inevitably, there will be a "big bad wolf" that will come along and try to destroy the house. It happens in every relationship. Some things in life will create a fissure between you both, but it's your foundation that will keep you standing together.

When the wolf comes knocking, it can be easy to give in, and sometimes we can forget about all the things that brought us together in the first place. The strengths, shared experiences, values, beliefs; all the things that attracted you to your partner in the beginning.

So, this month, we will be helping you identify and create a strong foundation for your relationship. Each week, we will look at a different subject that can contribute to your foundation. By the end of the month, you should have a strong picture of what your foundation looks like and how you can use it when the wolf's wind begins to howl!

This week is going to be easy. We want you to think back to your first date ever. We want you to remember those early feelings and how you felt when you first got together. What were some of the things that you found attractive? What was your story? A significant portion of your foundation was created when you were first dating, and getting back to those things can help set up a stronger future.

This week's Monday Motivation will help guide you!


Our First Date

Before bed, we want you to take just 10 to 15 minutes to talk about your first date or the first time you met. We've outlined a different question for each day. Try hard not to skip ahead and dig deep on the question for that day. Use each other's memory to help paint the picture.

Monday: How did you decide to go out on your first date? Specifically, outline the backstory and what events brought you together. What did you do, and how did you decide to do that? What events do you remember most about that first date?

Tuesday: What physical characteristics attracted you to your partner at first? What did they wear? What was their style like? What one thing stuck out the most?

Wednesday: Describe the emotions you had during or after that first date. What do you remember thinking after the date or the next morning? What did you tell your friends or family?

Thursday: What lead to the second date? Who initiated the conversations? What did you decide to do? Over the first few dates, what personality traits stuck out the most and were most attractive to you about your partner?

Friday: Describe the conversations while you were dating. Did you talk on the phone? Did you text or instant message? What sorts of things did you talk about at first? What interests did you share, and what did you find out during the first few weeks or months of dating?

Date Night Ideas

What do you remember about your first date?

We are giving you a blast from the past with this week's date night ideas! We talked about how remembering those initial feelings can help spark that romance back up in your relationship. So now, we are focusing on the first date!

Below, we have three challenges that give you the opportunity to go out on three more first dates with your partner! Let the butterflies start to flutter!

As you do these dates, think about those first interactions with each other. What sorts of things stuck out the most and first attracted you to them? How have things evolved? What things do you find attractive now? What feelings have built onto those you felt on the first few dates?

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