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Date Night Ideas: The Power of Inside Jokes

Date Night Ideas: The Power of Inside Jokes

It's time to create some inside jokes!

Who's ready for some inside jokes! This week, we've got three games that are sure to spark some laughter while hopefully creating some new inside jokes for you both to share for years to come!

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What to do: Open up a bottle of wine, have your favorite pizza delivered, click below, and spend a night playing 24 Quirky Facts!

The rules of the game are simple. You need two dice, or you can use an online virtual dice generator (like THIS ONE). Have one person press the button below to pull up the 24 Quirky Facts activity page.

Start by having the first person roll the dice. Add those two numbers and find that number on the activity page (two 3's are wild, and you can pick any question). The person who rolled must then answer that question to the best of their ability. If they answer the question correctly (after validation from you), they earn 1 point. Then, it is the other person's turn.

Keep playing until one person reaches 12 points. The first person to earn 12 points is the winner! If you cannot think of an answer, you must skip your turn.

We've provided two sets of 12 questions so you can play two rounds with 24 total quirky facts about each other!

Why are we doing this? Believe it or not, there are tons of things that you know about your partner that you have never even thought about! The sights, sounds, smells, and quirks of your partner are things that you can pick up on relatively quickly, even if they are subliminal. This game allows you to recognize some of those cute quirks your partner may have while hopefully giving you some opportunities to create some inside jokes with each other!



What to do: With your partner, head to the mall. Your quest is to go into every store and find an item that sparks an answer to the question, "Remember that one time…?"

For example, if you walked into a jewelry store, you might say something like, "Remember that one time I gave you a necklace?" Or if you walk into a candle shop and see a forest-scented candle, your partner might go, "Remember that one time we camping up at the lake?"

All you need is for one of you to finish the sentence, and then you can move on to the next store. The person that comes up with the answer earns a point. After visiting every store, the person with the most points gets to pick a food court item for you each to share!

Why are we doing this? This activity is created to help spark some of those small moments you and your partner have had together. With this game, you'll be remembering many different moments together, some of which you may not have thought about for years and years. Recalling these fond moments together can help spark some of the emotions you felt back them or allow you to smile and laugh together as you reminisce.


What to do: Have each person take a $5 bill and head to your local dollar store together. Using the list below, you must separately find five items, one that matches the criteria below. There aren't necessarily any wrong answers, but you will need to justify your items, so think through them!

Once you have completed your list, place your items inside a bag and make sure your partner cannot see what they are. Afterward, find a place nearby to have an ice cream cone (or any other quick dessert) and share your items and their meanings.

Your Bonus challenge is this: you must use the answers below throughout the next week in a quote to your partner (one per day). If you each can complete the week, you'll be Jokey Joke champions!

Items you must find:

1. Fill in the blank, "Every time I think of (canned food item), I am reminded how much I love you!"

2. Find an item that portrays your partner's beauty that you might also find in the laundry room.

3. What does your partner smell like? Find that item. (Think of their cologne, perfume, hair product, etc.)

4. Fill in the blank, "I feel (product with an emotion in its name) every time I think of you."

5. Fill in the blank, "Roses are red, violets are blue, I love (a kitchen item) because it reminds me of you."

Why are we doing this? Sometimes random moments of silliness can provide the best inside jokes! With this activity, we wanted to challenge you with some off-the-wall ways to think about your partner. Things that you'll remember forever and ever! Those small and seemingly insignificant jokes are sometimes the most powerful.