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The Power of Inside Jokes

The Power of Inside Jokes

What's the funniest movie quote you know?

It is the last week of content focused on creating and holding on to memories in your relationship. We've got some fantastic things planned for next month, but first, let's end June on a side-splitting note!

In this post, we will talk about the power of inside jokes and how you can use them to stay connected with your partner. Yes, some of the jokes we make with each other may seem so outrageously out there, but even the simplest inside joke can have an amazing impact on your relationship.

Week Four: The Power of Inside Jokes

Do you and your partner have any inside jokes? Words, phrases, or actions that you do or use to make each other laugh? Things that if anyone else saw, they'd think you were a little loony?

These inside jokes symbolize shared humor and can help you and your partner snapshot a moment that made you both smile. They are a reminder of love and connection and can be the perfect source of joy when you need it most.

Quoting a funny movie you both watched together, reliving a slightly embarrassing anecdote that made you both laugh uncontrollably, or even a funny noise you make to your partner when they least expect it can help keep those moments of connection going and are a powerful way to show love (and silliness).

Building a solid relationship is a serious business. There's no doubt about that. Throughout your journey together, you'll go through many trials and tribulations, hard work, obstacles, and many things that you wouldn't necessarily classify as "fun." And even though not every moment will be easy, it's those moments of joy, laughter, and connectivity that make the work worth it. Creating inside jokes together can be a great way to remind each other of those moments.

Now, the thing about an inside joke is, well, it has to come naturally. Trying to force a joke can lead to some not so funny results. So, to help you out, Michelle and Tyler (our founders) share three tips they've used to create inside jokes with each other:

Pay attention to your partner's sense of humor. (Tyler)

If something isn't funny to you, it doesn't mean it can't be an inside joke. In fact, laughter can literally be contagious, and seeing your partner laugh can also cause you to smile. So, if you notice your partner crack up at something they saw on TV or in a movie, make a mental note of that.

An example of this is when Michelle tries to laugh like me. She does this really low, slow, "manly" laugh (which sounds nothing like me or any other human for that matter). I don't know what it is, but she can't help but start laughing uncontrollably whenever she does it. So, every once in a while, when she least expects it, I'll mimic that laugh. She then reciprocates that laugh before breaking out in hysteria. Even though it doesn't make sense to me, watching her laugh uncontrollably causes me to laugh, and before you know it, we are both covered in tears of hilarity.

Utilize technology. (Michelle)

With the phones we have today, making your partner bust out in laughter is only a GIF away! If you come across something that makes you both laugh, whether that be a shared experience or just something funny you each saw together, find ways to use technology to surprise your partner with your inside joke.

Tyler has a weird thing about llamas. He doesn't like them, especially during holidays when Target is full of "Christmas Llamas." He just doesn't understand what a Christmas Llama is (poor guy). So, just to let him know I'm thinking about him, I'll occasionally send him a llama GIF. Even though he despises llamas, that little inside joke we have can make us each smile.

Keep it simple (and silly). (Tyler)

About 95% of the inside jokes Michelle and I share are incredibly pointless, and most people would think we are crazy for laughing at something so silly. But those inside jokes are so much more than a meaningless source of laughter. They are a reminder of how perfect we are for each other.

Inside jokes can be so powerful because they communicate something between you and your partner that no one else on the planet can understand. That private moment of laughter, even when it is something so dumb, can create such a considerable amount of intimacy because you connect with them on a level that no other person can.

Below, we have some side-splitting date night ideas for you, which will hopefully help you both create some inside jokes!

Monday Motivation


What to do: With this week's Monday Motivation, we challenge you to come up with a few inside jokes for you and your partner.

First, start by listing any that you have already. Even if you haven't used them in a while, think back on some of those silly things you shared. How did they start? What is its significance? Are there any commonalities (movie quotes, noises, or just purely absurd moments of humor)?

Throughout your week, look for something that you and your partner can turn into an inside joke. It might be a little awkward because inside jokes are meant to be created naturally, but this exercise is more about practice than perfection. When you come across the perfect inside joke, you'll know it!

Date Night Ideas

It's time to create some inside jokes!

Who's ready for some inside jokes! This week, we've got three games that are sure to spark some laughter while hopefully creating some new inside jokes for you both to share for years to come!

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