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Why The Early Moments of Your Relationship Are So Important

Why The Early Moments of Your Relationship Are So Important

Do you remember the first day you met your partner?

What have been the most important or influential moments in your relationship? The events that you look back and go, "those are some good memories"...

Or even better, "remember the time we..."

As soon as you think about those events, a rush of memories comes flooding back to you. Those influential moments have helped build your relationship to what it is today.

Maybe you created a new tradition, perhaps it helped spark a pivotal decision in your lives, or perhaps it was just a time that allowed you both to grow closer together. This week, we will take a look at some of those moments and how they can help you create a stronger foundation.


Think back to the most memorable and enjoyable times with your partner. The ones that really have helped define your relationship. What are a few similarities between them? We'd venture to say that many of them came when you and your partner were doing something new, different, unique, or outside of your everyday routine.

If this is true for you, why? Well, our definition of discovery plays a big part. Do you remember your favorite at-home dinner from a year ago? What about the food you ordered on your first date? See the difference?

Our most joyous memories tend to derive from moments in our lives that stand out and that are extra special. Think of your brain like a scrapbook. You could probably flip back over your entire relationship and picture specific events…and pretty vividly too. But, not every moment will make it into the scrapbook, only the super special ones!

We know what you are thinking, "That's great Crated with Love email, but all those memories come from important inflection points in our relationship…how do we create those types of memories in everyday life?"

Well, we are SO glad you asked! You can develop those types of memories by creating experiences that really stand out, and you can do that on a daily basis!

If you got up 2 hours early one day, drove together to a donut shop on the other side of town, and watched the sunrise while you ate before having to get ready for work, do you think you'd remember that later?

What if you decided one day to create your own coffee table out of wooden crates. Every night you finished a different piece of it: sanding, assembling, and painting? Every time you walked into the living room, would you remember that experience with your partner and the memories you created building the table?

What if you had a movie marathon one night where you deliberately tried to find the WORST movie ever put on Netflix. Could you picture scenes from that horrendous flick, and could you remember you both laughing hysterically as you watched?

These are the types of experiences that will make it into your "memory scrapbook" because they will stand out (also, a fun fact). These are all things that Crated with Love founders Tyler and Michelle have done scattered throughout their relationship, which they still remember).

That's what we try and do with our Crated with Love boxes. When designing themes, a big goal is to create a few moments on your date that will have a lasting experience between you and your partner!

Discovery isn't just about learning something new or having new experiences with your partner. It's about remembering them too. If you consistently try and create those types of memories with your partner, you will have a pretty epic story to tell!



Okay, here we go! This week's Monday Motivation is pretty straightforward: Create an epic memory together! Do something this week that you will ALWAYS remember. Think outside of the box and get creative! You don't need to travel or get too crazy. Just be memorable! Here are a few ideas to help spark some inspiration:

Remember that time John and Jane got one item from 5 different restaurants and created their own Ultimate Feast at home?

Remember when John and Jane dumped out their "junk drawer", super glued a bunch of stuff together, framed it in a shadow box, and hung it up in their home as a piece of art, calling it "The Forgotten Items".

What about the time John and Jane picked three movies they had never watched before and only watched the last 10 minutes of each. Afterward, they created their own backstory to each movie's ending (then, of course, re-watched each movie from the beginning to see how close their stories were to the actual one).

Date Night Ideas

What was the 'biggest' moment in your life before you met your partner?

Have you created any EPIC memories this week? If so, then you are awesome! If not, do not worry! We have some date ideas this week that will help you create some unforgettable experiences together!

The focus for this week is for you to create an epic memory together! So, let's see what you got!

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