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Date Night Ideas: Why The Early Moments of Your Relationship Are So Important

Date Night Ideas: Why The Early Moments of Your Relationship Are So Important

What was the 'biggest' moment in your life before you met your partner?

Have you created any EPIC memories this week? If so, then you are awesome! If not, do not worry! We have some date ideas this week that will help you create some unforgettable experiences together!

The focus for this week is for you to create an epic memory together! So, let's see what you got!

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What to do:

Finding a new recipe to make together isn't a new idea, but we've got some ways to make it a little more challenging!

First, you'll need to find a recipe. Talk with your partner, and together pick a dish you want to try. BUT, when you go to look up a recipe, insert the word "hardest" or "most difficult" before the search term.

For example, if you wanted to make a dish with chicken, let's make it "hardest chicken recipes." Or if dessert is more your speed, try "most difficult dessert recipes" (there are a lot of those).

Give yourselves a challenge! Once you find the perfect recipe, write down all the ingredients and choose a day to go to the store to acquire them!

Another challenge: You can only go to one store! This means that if they do not have an item on your list, you MUST substitute it with another ingredient! 😲 Woah…this could lead to some exciting flavor combinations! Choose your store wisely!

Finally, spend a night cooking. Who cares how it turns out! It's bound to be one night to remember!

While you eat, find a movie to watch together that connects to that dish in some way. Maybe the movie is set in the country of origin of your dish or has a scene with the dish you created!

Why are we doing this?

On Monday, we talked about how to create experiences that will last! We compared your brain to a scrapbook. How do you create memories together that will make it into your "scrapbook" of life?

What we really want to point out in this activity (and the rest of the activities in this email) is that you can turn everyday ideas into experiences that will last. You may have cooked together, but when was the last time you put this much time, energy, and focus into finding a recipe that you KNOW will be super difficult? The journey and the memories you create together are well worth the extra effort.

Whether you are going out to dinner, going bowling, or spending a night at the game, find ways to spice it up. Find ways to make those special moments even more memorable!


What to do:

By definition, discovery is experiencing or learning new things together. When you do this, you open up the opportunity to grow closer together because those new experiences are fun and exciting!

So, for your next Date Night Out, we want you to create a night full of things you've never done before! With your partner, come up with three places: one activity place, one dinner place, and one dessert place. Here are the rules:

1. You must pick places neither of you has been to.
2. You cannot pick franchise locations ( #shoplocal )
3. You must stay under $50 (we have to make it a challenge)

Once you have your list, choose a night to go out! While at each place, talk about the things you like and dislike about the places you chose. While at dinner or dessert, try to pick things you've never had before (even better if you order two things you both have never tried and split them).

At the end of the night, talk with each other and choose your favorite thing you experienced on your night out!


What to do:

Here's where the REAL craziness begins! Using your $5, go to the local dollar store together and choose five things you've never tried before. They could be candy, drinks, frozen foods, games, makeup, or anything you can eat or experience.

Make a list of all your five things on two separate pieces of paper. One by one, try them together. Give it a ranking out of 10 on your piece of paper (without showing your partner). Once you have tried all five things, share your list with your partner! What things did you have similar scores with? What things were you both on opposite ends with? Why do you think that is?