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Why it's Important to Hang on to Memories

Why it's Important to Hang on to Memories

Memory, all alone in the moonlight!

Whenever we think about memories, that song comes to mind (thanks, Barbara)! The rest of that section goes: I can dream of the old days, life was beautiful then, I remember the time, I knew what happiness was. Let the memory live again.

It got us thinking. How do we hold onto those wonderful memories we create in our relationships? Why are those memories so important?

This month, we will take a look specifically at the memories we create with our significant others and how to use them to strengthen our relationships.

Week One: Why it's Important to Hang on to Memories

Time has a funny way of flying by. One day we are planning our first date with our significant others, then next, we are ten years into marriage. Where do all those moments go?!

This month, we wanted to do a unique topic on holding onto, sustaining, and keeping those special moments alive that seem to fly by so quickly. In this post, we will do a quick overview of why we believe maintaining the memories you create together alive is vital to your relationship's growth and longevity. Then, each week, we will give you some tools and strategies you can use to hold on to those memories.

Below are a few reasons why you should collect memories together.

1.Reliving Moments Can Help Spark Romance

Have you ever felt stuck in one place in your relationship? Even if only for a moment, that stagnation can feel like a world of pressure on your relationship. The outcome of this pressure can be boredom, monotony, or even feeling like your relationship is "stale."

Firstly, it's important to note that this is normal. All relationships go through some form of this kind of valley. What's more important is recognizing this and finding ways to work together to get out of that rut.

One way to do that is through the memories that you collect together. Looking back on an old photo album or scrolling to the beginning of your relationship on Instagram can help you relive some of those fun and exciting times together. As you recollect, some of those same emotions can spark back up, inspiring you to create more in the present.

2.Keeping Memories Can Help Show Progression

Keeping consistent memories, whether through photos, videos, journaling, or simply in your mind, can help show the progression of your relationship.

Looking back on some of these moments can help you tangibly see your growth as a couple which can offer some excitement and inspiration.

Just as important, keeping these memories alive can also help you see specific areas you want or need to improve on. For example, suppose you look back on a particular memory and remember having better communication skills than you do now. In that case, you may be motivated to improve that part of your relationship. You can't fix what you don't know is broken, so sometimes reliving these memories can help you see areas you want to strengthen.

3. Reminiscing Offers Support

Sometimes, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees in your relationship in times of strife or conflict. By that, we mean that it can be hard to know the status of your relationship overall during troubling times because you can be so focused on the present conflict.

Taking a moment to step back and relive some of the memories you've created together is a great way to build support and decrease tension. A silly argument at the moment might seem like a big deal, but if you remember that awesome date night you had just a week earlier, or even a hardship you persevered through in the past together, the argument may not seem so dire.

The small moments you create together can result in significant impacts on your relationship. Remembering those times together and reminding yourself of the love you share can help you through those tough times.

4.Collecting Memories Shows Dedication

Being dedicated to keeping those memories alive shows that you are actively investing in your relationship. Sure, creating a scrapbook of your last vacation or creating a playlist of your first year together doesn't seem relationship-altering. Still, those types of efforts are what keep your relationship strong.

So, now what? We know that keeping memories is essential, but how do you do it? Over the next few posts, we will give a ton of easy (and super fun) ways to hold on to those memories, along with some date night ideas to create more!

Monday Motivation


What to do: We've got a unique series of Monday Motivations for you this month! Each week will have a new challenge, and they will get a little more challenging with everyone.

This week's Monday Motivation is easy. Together, come up with the top 5 memories of your relationship. Every night think of a new one to add to your list, then on Friday, take that list and rearrange it to create your Top 5. The only rule is that you both must agree on the list, so with each memory, come up with a reason why it's ranked where it is.

Write this list on a piece of paper or put it into your phone. You'll need it later in the month.

Date Night Ideas

Today is the first round of our memory-inspired date night ideas! Throughout the month, we will be giving you ideas on how to reminisce on past moments together, how to commemorate them, and how to create new ones!

Click below to see your first set of date night challenges!