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Date Night Ideas: Why it's Important to Hang on to Memories

Date Night Ideas: Why it's Important to Hang on to Memories

Here are your last date night ideas for May! We've got another awesome round of content coming next Monday, but for now, let's end this month with some laughter!

Let's get to dating!

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What to do: Click below to download our 100 Memories of Us activity prompts that can be viewed right from your phone. Choose a night this week to play. Open up a bottle of wine, turn on some romantic music and get to reminiscing!

The rules of the game are simple. First, pull up the activity sheet and read the first "Think of a memory…" statement. You each must think of a moment together in your head that includes the particular characteristic in the statement. Once you both have thought of memory, tell each other. If you think of the same memory, you earn one point. Then, move on to the next memory.

Your objective is to see if you can get through all 100 "Think of a memory…" statements. You can reuse memories that you have used in previous statements, but try your hardest to think of new ones.

You get one point for every one you answer, and one point for every memory you think of that matches what your partner thought (200 total points). What score can you both get together?!



What to do: Think of the top 5 memories of your relationship (you may already have this list from Monday's email). Take those five memories and extract one characteristic from each. Combine those elements to plan your next date night out.

For example, if two of your favorite memories together included your first date and a vacation to the coast you just went on, you would have to take an element of each to create a new date night. If you had steak on your first date and you went to the beach for your vacation, maybe find a tropical BBQ restaurant for dinner.

The options are endless, and you can be flexible with the elements you pull. This activity aims to reminisce on some of your favorite moments together while using those memories to create a fun and unique date night medley!


What to do: Using your $5, go to your local dollar store and find a memory match card game (totally okay if it's made for kids). On a piece of paper, list all the different matches you can make depending on what images are on your cards (animals, letters, designs). Next to each, write down something you "win" if you find that match.

For example, if you find a memory match game with jungle animals, you might write a "30-minute massage" on your list next to "tigers." If one of you matches two tigers during your game, you win a massage from your partner.

Once you have all the prizes written out, it's time to play Memory Match Date Night! Shuffle the cards and lay them face down on the table. Choose one person to go first. That person must randomly choose two cards. If they make a match, they get to keep those cards and earn the prize on the paper you wrote. If they don't create a match, they must flip the cards back over, and it is the other person's turn.

Keep going until all the cards have been matched. The person with the most matches wins! Keep track of your prizes and redeem them over the next week.