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Date Ideas: Your Relationship's Bucket List

Date Ideas: Your Relationship's Bucket List

What are three fears you want to conquer during your lifetime?

Today is also a very special day. It's the last day of the Discovery Digital Date Night month! We know…we know, it's super sad. But we have some great date ideas for you, and guess what! Monday marks a whole new month of content! You'll have to wait and see what it is, but we know every couple can benefit from what we are bringing in November! So get ready!

But for now…your last round of discovery date ideas!

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What to do:

On Monday, we talked about how making a list of all the things you want to do together can help build some anticipation and some more of those "butterflies" like the kind you had when you first started dating (especially if you plan on scratching off at least one thing on the list per year). We ALSO told you not to make your list because we had a special activity for today.

Now be honest, did you write out your list anyway??? 😎

If you did… that's okay! We forgive you! It just means you get to make a whole new one! Even more fun…take that!

We are, however, putting a little Crated with Love twist to the traditional bucket list. So we do have some rules. First, though, you'll need some supplies!

Find an hour or two to yourselves. Put on a romantic playlist and light a few candles. Break out some snacks, something to drink, and make a mini dinner date out of it.

You'll need a piece of paper to take notes and a computer or phone with internet access.

Now that the mood is set, here's what to do:

First, take your piece of paper and fold it into three sections. At the top, write "Bronze," "Silver," and "Gold," each in their own section.

In the "Bronze" section, brainstorm some ideas to go on your bucket list that you would define as easy. Things like going to watch a baseball game, or eating at a certain restaurant, or seeing a local attraction for the first time. These are things that you could probably do any weekend together and would only take a little bit of planning. Write down as many as you can.

In the "Silver" section, brainstorm some ideas that are a little harder. Things like going to Disneyland, or spending a weekend at a certain beach, or taking a road trip to a nearby state. These things would probably take a couple of months to plan or save up for.

In the "Gold" section, brainstorm some things you'd categorize as "once in a lifetime". These things would take a significant amount of money and time to plan and are things you could probably only do once. These things also may be a bunch of little things added up. Maybe something like taking a trip to Paris, or seeing at least 15 different national parks, or visiting each state. Maybe even spending a week watching the Northern Lights...

A couple of things to keep in mind. Make sure you are picking things you both would find interesting or that you both want to accomplish together. And make sure they are things that can actually be done. Yes, we are sure a lot of people want to travel to Mars or find the lost city of Atlantis, but how realistic is that really (hint hint...our November box can help you accomplish one of these...just saying)?

Take an hour or so to fill up the page. Take your time and use the computer to research some of your options. Once you have a full-page, flip the piece of paper over and write "Diamond" at the top. Looking at all the things you listed in "Gold," what is the absolute one thing you just HAVE to do together at some point. Write that one thing in the "Diamond" section.

Then, take a new piece of paper (you can create a document on your computer or phone) and whittle your list down to 10 "Bronze" items, 6 "Silver" items, 3 "Gold" items, and your 1 "Diamond" item. This can be hard, and you may feel the urge to keep everything, but be strong! Instead of having 100 things you could do, commit to 20 things you will do!

Once your list is officially polished and put together, take a look at it. What one thing is the closest to getting crossed off? Well, why don't we just take care of that one with the next idea!


What to do:

Okay, you've made your list. Your Date Night Out challenge for this week is simple: cross your first thing off the list! The top 20 things you want to do together.

This next weekend, or one soon, choose one of your "Bronze" items to scratch off the list! It can be something super simple, but there is no greater feeling than scratching one thing off your bucket list together!


What to do:

Using your $5, buy a travel-themed journal together. On the first page, write down your entire list. Maybe even print a few pictures to stick inside! As you cross things off, have you each write down a few memories.

In such a digital age, that physical journal can be something really special.

If you need some ideas on where to find your journal, our favorite store is Home Goods!