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Date Ideas: "Discovering" Your Partner

Date Ideas: "Discovering" Your Partner

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

This month, we are focusing on discovery or continuously learning something new about your partner. Even after decades together, there is always something to learn about your significant other. With every one of our date night ideas this month, we will be challenging you to find out something new about your partner! So grab your Indiana Jones hat… it's time for discovery!

This week's ideas are all about learning something about your partner's past. Even something as simple as their favorite toy growing up or their favorite food as a kid can help bring you both closer together. So, let's get ready for some nostalgia with this week's date night ideas!

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What to do:

Together, make a list of the top 5 movies from your childhood (from when you were ten or younger). Go through each of your lists and try and find one that your partner has not seen. If you both have seen every movie on each other's list, pick the two that you have seen the least.

Find an evening this week to rent or watch those two movies. While you watch, explain why that movie was so important to you as a kid. How did it affect your life, and what toys or games did you have based on the movie (footy pajamas included).

Create a themed date night with snacks and drinks inspired by the movies if you want a little more fun!

Why are we doing this?

You probably cannot remember every little thing from your childhood. But the things that you do remember could have had a substantial impact on your life. It may be waking up every Saturday to watch a specific cartoon. It may have been a movie you watched thousands of times. It could be something else.

With your partner, talk through some of those things that you can remember as a kid. By doing so, you and your partner can learn more about how each of you became the person you are today!


What to do:

What were some of the things you loved the most as a 10-year-old? If you could create the perfect day as a kid, what would it have looked like?

With your partner, make a list of all the things you'd want to do, eat, or see. Then, plan a day out together and try and knock as many things off that list as you can! Here are few examples:

Where would've been the best birthday spot for you as a kid?

What was your favorite restaurant as a kid?

What was your favorite dessert spot?

Did you collect any type of sports or game cards?

Did you enjoy any specific type of sports, or did you love the arcade?

Why are we doing this?

Similar to the Date Night In idea, this activity is helping you share a little bit more about your childhood with your partner, allowing them to get to know you on a deeper level. Plus, it's always fun to reminisce about all those fun things as a kid!


What to do:

We all have one. What was THE best candy as a kid? The one thing that you just had to have? Sure, looking back on it, who in their right mind would've liked Circus Peanut candies or hamburger gummies (even though we secretly still do)? What exactly was the point of a Ring Pop or bubble gum Band-Aids (remember those cute little tins)? It doesn't matter, 'cause we loved them as a kid!

Using your $5, find a local vintage candy shop and grab a few of your favorite candies as a kid. While you eat them, talk about some of the best memories you had as a kid.